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Becoming healthy is a revolutionary act

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Remember the Occupy protests? At their core, they were about taking a long hard look at how we live our lives. What shapes them? What influences our decisions? How do we make decisions that lead to a healthier country, a healthier world, a healthier life? How do we treat others? How do we take control of something that has gone way off track? And now we’re having those same conversations again. So the question now is, how do we get this right and create lasting change?

During that time, I found the RevolutionaryAct.com website. They created a “Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed Up World.” It’s worth checking out. It’s a collection of ideas aimed at reclaiming our well being and living in a more sustainable world. The number one point is “The way we are living is crazy.” Number two is “There are powerful social, economic, and political forces undermining our health.” It’s about thinking for ourselves, questioning the misinformation that floods our news feeds, making intelligent purchases and choices, asking how we can be active in the change movement, and redefining what constitutes a good life – money is not the path to happiness.

Life is out of balance

For years, I’ve felt strongly that the way we’re living is wrong – it’s out of balance and puts the emphasis on the wrong things. Compassion, caring for our fellow human beings, and protecting our environment have become secondary to monetary gain. I was sickened when an audience member cheered in favor of letting those without insurance die at a September GOP debate during those years of protest. How can that happen, and why didn’t the candidates express outrage at his outburst? This isn’t the way it should be. How do we get things back in balance?

I feel like we’re experiencing an awakening right now, during the Covid-19 pause, and I hope we can move toward more sustainable and compassionate ways of living as we return to our jobs and every day lives. There will be powerful forces directing us to return to the way things were. I think we need to resist those messages. I recommend this series of articles. They’re eye-opening.

At the root of it, we have to figure out how to put compassion first. Susan David, author of Emotional Agility shares her thoughts about emotional courage and positivity, tools that are fundamental for the change we need to make:

So how will we return?

Will we focus on our mental and physical health and well being? Will we have compassion for other sentient beings, including ourselves? Will we respect nature and take care of this fragile planet? We have a rare opportunity right now in the midst of a grim and frightening situation to emerge better than we were before this pandemic. What will we do? What will you do?

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