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Animal agriculture is unsustainable

No matter what your beliefs are about our current food system, there’s no denying that it is unsustainable in its current state. Antibiotic resistance alone could be devastating to human populations.

This episode of Simon Hill’s Plant Proof Podcast with Bruce Friedrich from the Good Food Institute talks about possible solutions like plant-based alternatives and cell-based meat. They also discuss the psychology of why we hold so tightly to the belief that meat is the mainstay of a healthy diet.

Cell-based meat is fascinating and I think it could be the key to helping us transition to a more sustainable future with enough food for everyone in the world.

The antibiotic issue is quite terrifying. I was shocked to learn that most antibiotics are produced for animal agriculture, not humans, and that animals are kept on them continuously because of the unhealthy conditions on factory farms. This NY Times article, Warning of ‘Pig Zero’: One Drugmaker’s Push to Sell More Antibiotics, is an eye opener.

It’s difficult to change our ways, but it’s time for everyone to examine the facts and think about their children, grandchildren, and the future of human life on earth. We should also consider the empathy and compassion we lack for these animals. We can’t continue with our current food-production practices. It’s time to start discussing scientific solutions rather than arguing about long-held beliefs.

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