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Living the Gluten-Free Life

Ten years ago, my health started to decline. Discovering the cause was difficult, as it often is with autoimmune disease. It took a year to get a diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease).

When I first became ill, I was having a lot of digestive problems. My stomach would swell and I’d have pain after eating. My sister suggested that gluten might be the problem, so I tried eliminating it for a week and noticed a huge improvement. My first CT scan had shown fluid-filled loops in the small intestine. After eliminating the gluten, I had a second scan which showed almost no fluid-filled loops. I was in denial just a bit, so I decided to test it after a couple of weeks. I ate a piece of whole wheat toast and in less than half an hour had a swollen stomach and a lot of pain. My doctor tested me for Celiac Disease and it was positive. Needless to say, I’ve gone gluten-free. …

Omega3 and 6 sources

Vitamin deficiencies with a gluten-free diet

Talk of gluten-free diets is everywhere these days. It’s become a fashionable trend. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand that. If I didn’t have to suffer painful results and could eat gluten whenever I chose, no one could stop me from heading straight for my favorite artisan bakery. After seeing an news story on the trend, I started wondering how healthy it is to eliminate it if you don’t have to, and I came across a few bits of information worth sharing. …