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Could your IBS be SIBO (Small intestine bacterial Overgrowth)?

This episode of On and Off Your Mat Yoga Podcast (one of my favorite podcasts) breaks it down to help you analyze and understand your symptoms, improve symptoms with daily practices, and work with your health practitioner to find answers. Diet, stress, and movement all play a part. Meditation, dietary changes, examining how we eat, relaxation, and stimulation of the vagus nerve are all suggestions for improving symptoms.

Listen here: Your Nervous System and Digestion, with Rachel Everett

Yoga poses to add to your daily routine to ease symptoms

Start with this simple list of poses from Yoga International.

The fungi living in our guts

For a deeper look into how the fungi in our gut microbiome affects our health, here’s a fascinating article that my daughter wrote for discovermagazine.com.

Living the Gluten-Free Life

Ten years ago, my health started to decline. Discovering the cause was difficult, as it often is with autoimmune disease. It took a year to get a diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease).

When I first became ill, I was having a lot of digestive problems. My stomach would swell and I’d have pain after eating. My sister suggested that gluten might be the problem, so I tried eliminating it for a week and noticed a huge improvement. My first CT scan had shown fluid-filled loops in the small intestine. After eliminating the gluten, I had a second scan which showed almost no fluid-filled loops. I was in denial just a bit, so I decided to test it after a couple of weeks. I ate a piece of whole wheat toast and in less than half an hour had a swollen stomach and a lot of pain. My doctor tested me for Celiac Disease and it was positive. Needless to say, I’ve gone gluten-free. …

Omega3 and 6 sources

Vitamin deficiencies with a gluten-free diet

Talk of gluten-free diets is everywhere these days. It’s become a fashionable trend. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand that. If I didn’t have to suffer painful results and could eat gluten whenever I chose, no one could stop me from heading straight for my favorite artisan bakery. After seeing an news story on the trend, I started wondering how healthy it is to eliminate it if you don’t have to, and I came across a few bits of information worth sharing. …