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Plant-based nutrition for a healthier life

Food, the Planet and You is a resource for plant-based nutrition information. When we choose to nourish our bodies with the healthiest foods and lifestyle choices, the benefits are far-reaching, nourishing our planet as well. Trying to switch to plant-based nutrition and confused about all the information out there? We’ve got you covered.

Animal agriculture is unsustainable

No matter what your beliefs are about our current food system, there’s no denying that it is unsustainable in its current state. Antibiotic resistance alone could be devastating to human populations. This episode of Simon Hill’s Plant Proof Podcast with Bruce Friedrich from the Good Food Institute talks about possible solutions like plant-based alternatives and cell-based meat. They also …
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Easy vegan Parmesan cheese substitute

Sometimes the answers to our problems really are simple. For anyone switching to a plant-based diet who misses cheese, this recipe by Josh Gray for a cheese substitute is your answer. It’s delicious sprinkled on anything! Okay, maybe it wouldn’t taste good on your morning oats, but seriously, it’s amazing. I use it on vegetable dishes of every kind.
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Living the Gluten-Free Life

Ten years ago, my health started to decline. Discovering the cause was difficult, as it often is with autoimmune disease. It took a year to get a diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease). When I first became ill, I was having a lot of digestive problems. My stomach would swell and I’d have pain after eating. My sister suggested …
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healthy eating

Becoming healthy is a revolutionary act

Remember the Occupy protests? At their core, they were about taking a long hard look at how we live our lives. What shapes them? What influences our decisions? How do we make decisions that lead to a healthier country, a healthier world, a healthier life? How do we treat others? How do we take control of something that …
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Cool Cucumber Salad

A wonderful cooling salad for a summer evening. The recipe was created by my son, Josh Gray, who is one of those incredibly talented people who are skilled at cooking absolutely anything well.
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roasted vegetables

A sauce for your veggies

Lately, I’ve been getting bored with the same old veggie combinations. We eat a lot of vegetables around here – it’s the main part of our diet. So, to liven things up a little, I decided to experiment with some sauces. The first one I tried was a Tahini sauce, but the first time I made it, we …
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fresh vegetables

Improving your cooking skills

If, like me, you find your skills a little lacking, don’t worry. There are lots of great resources to turn you into a talented home chef.
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Mache Lettuce – nutrient-rich and delicious greens

Over the last week, I’ve been trying to eat a lot of salad, including a variety of greens and vegetables. Thanks to a dear friend and work partner who feeds me whenever I work at her house, I discovered a new and delicious green that I had never heard of – mache, also known as lamb’s lettuce and …
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Omega3 and 6 sources

Vitamin deficiencies with a gluten-free diet

Talk of gluten-free diets is everywhere these days. It’s become a fashionable trend. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand that. If I didn’t have to suffer painful results and could eat gluten whenever I chose, no one could stop me from heading straight for my favorite artisan bakery. After seeing an news story on the trend, I …
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Plant-based gluten free

Gluten-free and vegan recipe roundup and resources

It’s been hectic around here the last few weeks, so I’ve looked for quick, easy recipes and relied on prepared foods a little more than usual. I’ve included links to some items below on Amazon for those of you who don’t live near a store that carries them, but if you have a local Whole Foods you should …
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